Healing Acupuncture

Does It Hurt?

Acupuncture should not cause much pain, but the needle may slightly hurt as it breaks the skin, usually this pain goes away quickly. Once the needle is inserted it will be gently manipulated until Qi is felt. How acupuncture feels will vary depending on where the needle is placed on the body. If you are sick or on your menses it may be more sensitive. If you are sensitive, your practitioner can change the thickness of the needle, or may have you do breathing exercises while the needles are inserted to reduce sensation. 

There are many people afraid of the pain associated with needles. This is not uncommon and it's due in large part to vaccine syringe needles that are extremely painful and hurt. This is traumatic for both young people and even adults. Many people carry this negative experience in their memory without reasoning out the relationship of the various needle sizes.  Please see the comparison chart image to the left.

I too suffered with this trauma. I would pass out when getting a shot or when having blood drawn, even into my adulthood. I thank the LORD I was able to overcome it and experience the wonderful benefits of acupuncture.  Overall most patients do not consider acupuncture to be painful and they find the benefits outweigh any discomfort.     

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

This will depend on what you are wanting to work on. It is important to know that one acupuncture treatment will not adequately address your issues. Chronic diseases that have set in the body for a extended period of time, will take time to be corrected. Even acute issues like a cold or flu may require 1-3 treatments to be successfully eliminated

Try to commit to 5-10 treatments before you make an opinion about its efficacy, although you should see results before that.